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The Swiss Institute Brings More Eccentricity to St. Marks Place

Though known more as a block of late night food and drink(s), St. Marks Place just got a little more appealing. The Swiss Institute has made it their new home, with doors finally open to the free, four-story sculpture focused free art space. The non-profit organization worked with Selldorf Architects to develop the former bank space, which features dozens of artwork—some of which is not easily recognizable as art—a bookstore with Printed Matter, and a rooftop garden. Each floor features a broad variety of work, with a series specially commissioned for the space titled SI ONSITE, such as Michelle Wang’s installation featuring endangered plant species housed in aluminum planters. The inaugural exhibit titled READYMADES BELONG TO EVERYONE curated by Niels Olson and Fredi Fischli features everyday presented in a surreal way that comments on commercialization. It’s the kind of challenging exhibit the Swiss Institute wants to provide, capturing the spirit of the neighborhoods experimental past. It’s a welcome addition to New York’s ever-growing art scene, and it’s unique and eclectic offerings fits in perfectly at their new East Village home.

The Swiss Institute is located at 38 St. Marks Place

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