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The Assemblage Takes A Spiritual Approach To Their Working and Living Spaces

A collaborative space to balance your professional, personal, and spiritual life

  • Each year the relatively new ‘coworking’ industry seems like it’s becoming more and more crowded. However, with increasing competition there’s also increasing diversity, and The Assemblage might be the most unique option yet. This should be good news to our like-minded A Hotel Lifers; the selling point at the Assemblage is a holistic, ayurvedic, work-play-live space. “One of The Assemblage’s primary mantras is to ‘DO WELL BY DOING GOOD,'” begins Chief Creative Officer Magdalena Sartori, “meaning that one will ultimately put more positive energy and creation into the universe if they start by being good to their bodies and their minds.”

    The Assemblage currently has two locations: a co-working space in the Nomad neighborhood, and a brand new space with both apartments and hotel rooms (which non-members can book) in FiDi. Each space was designed to create a warm energy in a green, eco-conscious setting. Sartori hand-picked much of the design elements from indigenous tribes in Peru and Mexico, seeking items that gave off a feeling of warmth and calm conducive to productivity. “The coworking and communal spaces demonstrate the House’s core value of Biophilia, the hypothesis that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems,” Sartori explains. “Thanks to Plant the Future, the House’s hotel rooms and co-working spaces are full of lush, live greenery, providing increased oxygen, which also aides in efficiency.” Guests at the NoMad location will notice this right away in the large moss-like mural in the lobby. Most of the upper floors still function as work spaces – desks, chairs, private offices, but The Assemblage ensures an interactive feeling everywhere else. “Distinct areas were designed with functionality in mind – coworking floors are outfitted with comfortable desks and seating to promote productivity, while open communal dining spaces are meant to provoke spontaneous member interaction and collaboration.”

  • The design is only one part of the experience. Events and weekly programming are a big selling point here. Those range from talks and social gatherings, to meditaion sessions, group yoga, and a multitude of classes designed to connect the mind and body. There are communal spaces where at a given moment you might find someone lying down and zen-ing out in the middle of a hectic workday. “Each day is different for each individual member. Most members take advantage of the range of unique offerings, pausing throughout their day to engage in meditation, breathwork or yoga. The Assemblage deeply believes that taking strategic breaks to reconnect ultimately leads to improved workflow.”

  • That feeling extends to the food and beverage. ““All of the cuisine served at The Assemblage adheres to the age-old practice of Ayurvedic nutrition, meaning all of the ingredients are seasonal and at their peak potency, meant to provide nourishment and fuel.” Drinks here aren’t drinks, but elixers crafted using a broad selection of herbal ingredients. “The elixir program goes even further by prompting consumers to choose a desired mood or emotion, and subsequently select a healing elixir based on it’s ingredients that will aid in reaching that state.”

    This is only the start of The Assemblage, and the brand has ambitious goals, starting with a third location on Park Avenue South next year. “The new location will also feature a full floor dedicated to events and collective experiences using cutting edge media & technology like a VR room and a projection mapping dome.” All of this lends itself to a new experience people are seeking out in order to balance their professional, personal, and even spiritual lives, and it’s the experience the Assemblage is committed to fulfilling. “By providing hotel guests and members with the holistic wellness tools to reach their full potential, The Assemblage is surpassing the average hotel or coworking space, positively impacting multiple aspects of members’ everyday lives, and creating an experience that encompasses more than just work.”

    For more information on The Assemblage and membership, visit their official website or their two locations at:

    NoMad House: 114 East 25th Street

    John Street House: 17 John Street