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The Wigmore Is London’s Most Stylish New Tavern

Quintessential British style has never looked so good

For the hordes of fashion folk who are making their way across the pond for London Fashion Week, there’s much to consider. Often it stems from the high/low contrast of British fashion that presents cutting edge designs alongside traditional, heritage attire, and the subsequent events that attempt to merge the two worlds with varying degrees of success. Fortunately, hospitality increasingly bridges the gap, and no place is more emblematic of that than the new Wigmore.

Located in the Langham, a ‘Grand Hotel’ originally opened in 1865 by HRH The Prince of Wales, the Wigmore initially seems like a traditional tavern with mid-century flourishes, courtesy of famed designer Martin Brudnizki. But it’s that retro-modern design that’s been so appealing to the ever-discerning eye of a 2017 ‘creative type.’ One look at the room and it’s easy to imagine Grace Wales Bonner’s Caribbean dandies lounging over the mohair couches and silk cushions, or Burberry’s trench-clad characters sipping on a pint—the Wigmore’s specially brewed Saison, most likely (and if we can move beyond Britain, those green walls, striped panels, and oxblood barstools befit a Gucci campaign). And while the fashion crowd has never been known to have the most voracious appetites, Michael Roux Jr.’s menu of updated pub fare—ox-cheek & ale pie, Balvenie-whiskey smoked salmon—might lure them in.

It’s still to be seen how the Wigmore will be used, but LFW might be the best harbinger of the eclectic crowd the stunning tavern is sure to appease.

The Wigmore, 15 Langham Place 


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