Leader of the Pack

Tiffany Tuttle

Tiffany Tuttle

Occupation: Shoe designer

Preoccupation: Unicorns, knights and castles

Favorite Hotel: Il San Pietro di Positano, Positano, Italy

Tiffany Tuttle
  • 1. What’s your perfect carry-on or piece of luggage?

    I love my matte black Rimowa with four wheels. It holds so many things, it’s lightweight and it’s perfect for resting a heavy purse on.

  • 2. What’s your go-to travel uniform?

    I always wear slides when I travel. I am very particular about sitting with my shoes off (socks on of course) at my seat so I need something that I can get on and off easily. Lately, I have been wearing THE BITTER, our new open back sneaker. I also have a huge CREATURES OF COMFORT SCARF that I travel with...I use it as a blanket or a pillow on the airplane.

  • 3. Can’t travel without:

    My kindle. My kindle. I read constantly when I am traveling. I also need to have lip balm easily accessible. My favorite is KARITE LIPS SHEA BUTTER.

  • 4. Oddest thing I’ve ever packed:

    This is a long story, but basically I unknowingly packed an 18 inch antique dagger in my carry-on. I had used it in a video shoot for the collection and it got hidden under a flap in my luggage. Needless to say they were not ok with it at the airport and I ended up with a lot of hours of community service! I also once traveled with a huge cooler filled with frozen breast milk and dry ice. It became a problem when I was told I had too much dry ice and had to start unloading the whole cooler at the front of the check-in line.

  • 5. Favorite thing to nick from the hotel room:

    Definitely beauty products! If I like what they have, I will put them in my luggage each day in order to get a refill. My husband also loves hotel slippers! They are his footwear of choice in our house so I grab a pair for him when I can.