To Our AHL Fam, Five Years Later

Five years later, five years wiser…

To A Hotel Lifers,

For the past 5 years we have been thrilled to share our adventures with you as we’ve journeyed to the far corners of the world…from a barge turned hotel in the backwaters of the Rockaways to desert camps under the Moroccan skies, deserted islands and bustling streets, we’ve watched in awe as you have joined in our movement to travel outside the box. So, for our 5th anniversary, there’s only one thing we want: more.

More insights into the most exciting hotels in the world, more photos of the unusual and obscure, more stories about the art and culture that drive us – and of course – more drinks, more dancing…always more dancing!

This year we’re bringing it to you. Starting with the newly designed site you see now, and continuing with new features to give you the inside scoop on hotels, new ways to discover your next destination, and certainly a few special surprises along the way. So explore. Get lost. Take a detour and find something new. Because that’s what A Hotel Life has always been about, and will always be about. We can’t be more excited to share this new chapter with you.


Ben Pundole