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Unemployed Magazine Closes Out PUBLIC’s Opening Week

Summer shutdown on the roof

On Saturday Unemployed Magazine teamed up with the new PUBLIC Hotel to throw a summer kick-off party on the roof, and they couldn’t have asked for for a better night. The weather was so good—maybe too good—that by midnight hundreds of people were on the roof, giving the hotel opening party a run in terms of rooftop crowd size. But it’s really no surprise, given Unemployed Magazine’s history of throwing parties. Again they lured in the best of downtown, most of whom had the good sense to stick around past 2am when the crowd hit that sweet spot where everyone around you is someone you want to know. It’s a shame the security had to kick us out at 4, but in their defense, the party may never have ended if it was up to us.

Chloe Caillet, Michelle Sanchez
[Chloe Caillet, Michelle Sanchez]

David Katz, Phoebe Belle Crego, Janaina Devieira, Dylan Hales
[David Katz, Phoebe Belle Crego, Janaina Devieira, Dylan Hales]

Sophie Tabet, Cecile Winckler
[Sophie Tabet, Cecile Winckler]

Tiffany Swiney, Rabhy Ortega, Aqua Parios
[Tiffany Swiney, Rabhy Ortega, Aqua Parios]

Gabija Mitchell
[Gabija Mitchell]

Brandee Brown, Sobe Knight, Devorah Allen, Ben Pundole
[Brandee Brown, Sobe Knight, Devorah Allen, Ben Pundole]

Sophie Tabet, Michelle Sanchez
[Sophie Tabet, Michelle Sanchez]


Chloe Norgaard, Amanda Usher
[Chloe Norgaard, Amanda Usher]

Gabija Mitchell

[Photos: Benjamin Lozovsky/BFA.com]

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