Welcome to a New Era of Festivals

This past October, I had the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary. I got to pack lightly and explore a place unknown. Not necessarily a new country or city, but discovering the magic of somewhere quite near. No itinerary, no expectations, the only thing we brought with us was good intentions and a sense of adventure.

  • Habitas, a new festival concept based out of LA, is the embodiment of what happens when like-minded people are put together in a beautiful setting. Suddenly, there is unbound trust. You pack your bags and fly to a remote area, with very little other information. While most festivals brand themselves on the concept of filling up agendas, Habitas is more like a house party. No line-up, no schedules, no lines.

  • By creating a tight-knit community of people that appreciate life, love, and connections, founders Eduardo Castillo and Kfir Levy have set the tone for a new, non-commercialized era of festivals. Their next gathering will take place in Tulum over New Year’s Eve, I highly recommend taking this journey with them.

  • Via Travel Dose

    Photos by Bill Kenedy