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Zero Island Shows the Promise of Sustainability, If We Actually Try

The amount of difference a year can make

With all of the heartbreaking destruction we’ve been seeing in the Amazon, we wanted to highlight one of the more optimistic developments that came to light just a couple of months ago: Zero Island. Officially announced in June, Zero Island is a project designed to showcase the potential of fighting against climate change and becoming more eco-friendly if there is a unified effort to do so. Located in the Swedish archipelago, renewable energy company Neste was tasked with transforming the island of Lido into a climate neutral land—something the entire country of Sweden is aiming for by 2045. In the 12 months since the project began, Neste reduced the island’s emissions by 78%. Everything was considered to hit that goal – renewable diesel for transportation, solar energy, reduced waste, and green electricity. However, none of those solutions take away from the beauty of the island, and in fact are designed to prolong it for generations to come. If anything, it’s even more appealing as a travel destination, with additions like the Zero Cabin, a distinctive triangular cabin with minimal decor, solar panels, a sustainable food menu, and a glass panel overlooking the water. Neste is also designing Zero Vacations, vacations that minimize energy use and waste as much as possible. As the threats of climate change become more pressing, there’s a need for innovative solutions that can help allay the damage and the corresponding fear it stokes. But Zero Island shows there’s more that we can do than sit around, waiting for scientists to solve these problems for us. Change requires a concerted effort to reduce waste and energy, but the results are promising, and allow us to rethink the possibilities of healing our planet.

[Photo: Fanny Haga]

[Photo: Fanny Haga]

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