A Home Life with Irina Lazar

Creation, wizardry and kindness are her specialties…at home with Riri.

Where are you? Who with?
Mexico City, by myself. Well, do my spirit guides count? 

People you’ve been thinking about most while in quarantine?
My parents. It’s easy to be worried about the elders in our families, especially during these times. But they are living their best life. Not kidding, as if nothing ever happened. They have a small group of friends they see weekly for fun dinners, they take long walks daily and are happy and healthy! They may even be doing better than me!

Biggest Indulgence since staying home?
I’ve spent most of the last 20+ years traveling and working and playing non-stop,  so just the simple act of being at home feels indulgent to me.

Also, Pinterest. I go into deep interior design rabbit holes for hours on end to the point where I have micro-categorized it into 70+ boards. 

Oh wait! One more thing! Naps! 

Hidden hobby or talent that’s revealed itself?
I never showed my work, or worse myself, on social media. And a friend nudged me. She said I had a gift to share with the world and to stop hiding it. So the first day of quarantine, I thought, well if the world is ending what better time than to do what scares me most. So I started to post videos of myself talking about design. And then I found myself teaching elements of design. Which was so well received that I developed online courses for people to take in order to master life at home since we’re here for a while. It’s all about how to maximize personal well-being and joy, and find that much needed, especially now, work/life balance using the RiDESIGN methodology I created. 

I think we all have an innate talent to be of service to each other. But life before quarantine had us all so busy trying to keep up. I think in the busy-ness it’s easy to forget why we are even so busy to begin with! And this pause has served as, at least for me, a reminder to use my gifts to bring more beauty, inspiration and love to others in any way I can.

Best thing you’ve watched while at home?
The Politician. I will be Georgina Hobart when I grow up. 

Favorite digital/online experience? (Mine was a talent show)
When my best friends surprised me on my birthday. I sincerely was not expecting anything at all. I felt and still do feel deeply loved by them. 

Track you’ve had on repeat that’s made you Dance, cry, scream?
Honestly, I have welcomed the silence after 20+ years in nightlife. When I do listen to music at home, it’s strictly classical. 

First trip you’ll take when you can?
Wherever the biggest concentration of my amazing friends are so I can bank as many hugs as possible. So that would either be California, New York, Tulum or Ibiza

Quarantine hero?
Every single person who adopted a dog or cat and emptied out the shelters. I aspire to do the same soon!

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