New York

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HudsonNew York

The Maker

by Ernesto Roman

“Hudson meets nineteenth-century Industrial Design, La Belle Époque, Art Deco and sensuality”

Lake PlacidNew York

Eastwind Hotel Lake Placid

by Meryl Fontek

“Eastwind Hotel Lake Placid is like slipping into a familiar feeling”

ManhattanNew York City

The Pierre

by Tansy Kaschak

“Old school luxury meets Sex & The City fairytale.”

ManhattanNew York City

Baccarat Hotel

by Courtney Denton

“A Sparkling Jewel Box In Manhattan”

ManhattanNew York City

The James Nomad

by Shane Fonner

“Upscale, socially-conscious, high-design gem.”

ManhattanNew York City

MADE Hotel

by Gemma Bell

“A chilled urban hub.”

BrooklynNew York City

Ace Hotel Brooklyn

by Janet Mercel

“West coast cabin chill comes to Brooklyn”

ManhattanNew York City

Royalton Park Ave

by Sarah Hawkins

“A little bit Alice in wonderland went uptown.”

ManhattanNew York City

The Ned Nomad

by Ernesto Roman

“A sophisticated beaux-arts restoration in the heart of Manhattan”

ManhattanNew York City

Nine Orchard

by Tansy Kaschak

“The revival of old Downtown New York elegance with a fresh and approachable twist”

SaugertiesHudson Valley

AutoCamp Catskills

by Janet Mercel

“The sleekest camping experience in the Hudson Valley”

Shelter IslandLong Island

Pridwin Hotel

by Andrea Franchini

“Shelter Island: discovering the un-Hamptons”

QueensNew York City

TWA Hotel

by Tansy Kaschak

“Catch me if you can!”

ManhattanNew York City

11 Howard

by Monika Tatalovic

“Danish minimalism meets New York realism”

ManhattanNew York City


by Ernesto Roman

“There's a new spotlight on Hell's Kitchen”

ManhattanNew York City

The Moore NYC

by Mei Kwok

“Stylish gem in the heart of Chelsea”

CatskillNew York


by Yara Akkari

“A Change of Seasons Paradise”

AccordNew York


by Chelsea Leyland

“The coziest of stays”