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Chris Connors

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Chris journeyed out into the world in the early 90s, leaving behind the conflicts of Belfast, his native city. A true Gemini, his combined work as a creative director and meditation teacher took him across time and space to diverse worlds ranging from Japanese temple retreats to the beating heart of Milan’s design scene. Chris is fascinated and continually inspired by the human story and what ultimately makes us connect, create and thrive. He advocates for ‘conscious innovation’ in sustainability and personal wellness, innovations that envision a better quality of life for us all. Chris has been living in Ibiza for ten years.

Travel Mantra: Be still, see clear, go create.

Trip Wishlist: Patagonia, Colombia, Alexandria, Rwanda, Tbilisi, and Bhutan

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by Chris Connors

“If you could sum up Belfast in one place, it would be Bullitt”