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Solynka Dumas

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Solynka Dumas is a French-Swiss journalist with 8 years of experience at the intersection between hospitality and journalism. Driven by a passion for food, wine, and sustainability, she takes pride in connecting people around a dining table.

Travel Mantra: Open mind, open heart, open belly

Trip Wishlist: Columbia, Sao Tomé, Petra, and St Petersburg

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Heckfield Place

by Solynka Dumas

“High life in the British countryside”


Room Mate Giulia

by Solynka Dumas

“Milan is always a good idea, especially when it doesn't mean financial ruin”

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​​​​In Search of the Vanishing White Truffles in Alba

How the Italian town famed worldwide for the delicacy of its white truffles is facing a real climate challenge

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