Costa Rica With Frank Roberts

The Vice President of Brand Experience for EDITION Hotels tells us his go-to places from favorite beaches to where to stay

Costa Rica With Frank Roberts

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Frank Roberts, the Vice President of Brand Experience for EDITION Hotels, has a buzzing career in the hospitality industry. Based in New York City and flying around the world overseeing all things culture and entertainment in a dozen hotels, Frank has found his rest & retreat sanctuary in Costa Rica. The lush country is his go-to vacation spot, from short weekend getaways to longer stints exploring and reconnecting with nature. There’s no one better to give us an insider’s view of the land, so read on to know where to chill, surf, eat, and stay.

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My favorite side is the Caribbean side in a town called Puerto Viejo which I have been going to since 1998. I usually stay in an area called Punta Uva which is about 15 minutes up the road from Puerto Viejo.


I like the Punta Uva beaches because the sun stays longer until around 5 pm. The best beach to surf in the Caribbean is Playa Grande, and a good time for me is mid-morning.

Sunrise at a beach in Costa Rica. Photo by Frank Roberts
Sunrise at a beach in Costa Rica. Photo by Frank Roberts
El Refugio Grill specializes in seafood
El Refugio Grill specializes in seafood


Pura Gula is a restaurant I really like, which is run by a married couple from Barcelona, and another restaurant called El Refugio Grill which is run by a friend from Argentina.


I also like to jump on my broken-down Suzuki 125 motorcycle and ride to The Volio Waterfall, 30 minutes away. I like to pick up some fresh red snapper wrapped in banana leaves and some vegetables and have a grilled jungle BBQ by the waterfall.


One of my favorite hotels in the Caribbean is the Aguas Claras.

We pinned all the places on a super user-friendly map you can save directly to your devices and have the whole city at your fingertips.

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