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Fernanda de la Puente

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“We spend so much of our lives projecting into the future or getting too caught up with the past that we leave little space for us to fully inhabit the present moment,” says actress, yoga teacher, and retreat creator Fernanda de la Puente.

Fernanda left her native Peru at 18, moving to New York, where she studied to become an actor. She discovered steadiness, ease, and joy in her Jivamukti Yoga practice — Fernanda is a certified 800-hour Jivamukti Yoga teacher, an eating psychology coach, and an actress. She made it her life’s mission to uplift others, instigating the opening of Asana Groove, a holistic studio and yoga practice based in Madrid. Asana Groove offers in-studio classes and therapies. It is also known for organizing retreats in unique locations around the world.  

In preparation for Asana Groove’s latest retreat in a stunning country estate in Menorca this October, we caught up with Fernanda to chat about the importance of retreating, mindfulness, travel, hotels, and more.

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In a nutshell, what do you do, and how did you get here?

I’ve been teaching Jivamukti yoga since 2014, and before that, I was a nutrition counselor and eating psychology coach. I lived in New York for 8 years and studied acting. I currently have a yoga studio in Madrid and do some acting projects occasionally.

Why do you love your job?

I love sharing and teaching techniques that have worked to uplift me with others. I love bringing people from different parts of the world to be together in steadiness, ease, and joy. I realized that all my mental, physical & emotional ailments were always connected to some sort of heart/mind incoherence. We all need to create the space and time in our busy lives to change environments so we can re-pattern our minds, re-align, and keep ourselves rooted in joy. 

Where did you get your passion for travel?

I left home, Peru, to live abroad when I was 18, and since then, I’ve always loved the freedom of traveling.

Fernanda de la Puente in the flow
Fernanda de la Puente in the flow
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You run yoga retreats in some of the most beautiful places in the world. So what makes a destination the perfect place for Asana Groove?

An organic farm with beautiful rooms, an earthy vibe, a nice and spacious yoga shala, amazing chefs, and impressive nature.

What makes Asana Groove special?

Our method is fun, invigorating, deep, and nourishing for the body, mind, and spirit. The active meditation (dancing) and shaking part of the Asana Groove, together with the kriyas and breathing practices, make it a highly effective method of purifying the body & soul. 

What’s on offer at your retreats? 

In this Menorca retreat specifically, we wanted to provide a special experience, the food and everything about it — from harvested right there on the property’s farm to being prepared by the most wonderful chefs and then served so beautifully on long tables outside where you can see the moon and stars. 

The property itself is impressive, to say the least — located on the top of a hill, only ten km from the nearest beach, this exclusive Finca is nestled in 60 hectares of land in the heart of Menorca, so there’s plenty of space for long walks in the forest. It’s luxurious in a good way, with beautifully designed furniture, comfortable beds with linen sheets, hair & body care made from Mediterranean plants, and a beautiful yoga shala.

Asana Groove retreat vibe
Asana Groove retreat vibe

I hope the guests walk away feeling:

Awakened, energized, rooted, grounded, at ease, light, joyful, and connected. It is important to connect with our body, mind, and spirit at this time. We live in a very chaotic world, and it is our responsibility to bring balance and steadiness back into our lives. 

If Asana Groove was a hotel, which one would it be?

Experimental Menorca or Experimental Venice.

What would it be if you could give your retreat guests one piece of advice for their experience — and for life?

If there is no exhale, no inhale is possible. To bring new things into our lives, we must first create space to let go. Retreating allows us to enter an area where we can align our body and heart. We spend so much of our lives projecting into the future or getting too caught up with the past that we leave little space for us to fully inhabit the present moment. I teach clearing, purifying, and awareness practices, such as mindful movement, yoga, and meditation, to help shift the heart into a state of coherence and synchronized heart/brain neurology. 

What excites you the most these days?

Our yoga-wear line made in collaboration with Lululemon.

Fernanda de la Puente
Fernanda de la Puente

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