10.23.18 / New York / New York

The Goods Mart Brings Elevated Grab & Go To New York

The quest for healthy treats has never been quicker

  • With new ‘concepts’ constantly being introduced to transform retail, it makes sense that something even as simple and ubiquitous as the convenience store would become reimagined to fit the needs of a new generation. That’s exactly what Rachel Krupa did with The Goods Mart, a modern version of a convenience store stocked with items people actually want to buy. This week the brand is following up its Los Angeles debut with a brand new space in Manhattan. Inside you’ll find the same assortment of snacks and treats you would at any grab-and-go mart, minus the harmful ingredients. Rather than Flaming Hot Cheetos or Butterfingers, you get Boom Chicka Pop popcorn and Yum Earth candy. You trade up Dr. Pepper for coconut water, and instead of Slurpees you get organic slushies with flavors such as pineapple ginger kombucha. Basically, it’s food you actually want to eat without the trip to Whole Foods. And like Whole Foods, The Goods Mart also has prepared food including sandwiches from Alidoro, salads from Loosie Rouge, and burritos from Burritos La Palma’s Alberto Banuelos. The best part is that everything in The Goods Mart is under $10, and each month the store donates all of its tips to a local charity (starting with the NYC Parks Stewardship Program this month) and donates unused fruits & veggies to the Bowery Mission. It’ll be interesting to see how the concept takes off—many neighborhoods would be thrilled to have one of these nearby—but for now The Goods Mart is showing New Yorkers that there’s a better type of convenience.

    The Goods Mart, 189 Lafayette Street