Yoann Wenger

Kam Kam Dunes

with Yoann Wenger www.sansnomclothing.com
  • Where:Sahara desert, Morroco

  • Why:Inspiration trip.

  • When:Summer 2016

  • Who:Friends

Highs & Lows

  • The road to get there is a beautiful journey. Once in the dunes, they take you by 4x4 and you finish the journey by camel…

  • You can choose to have your bed made up for the night outside the tents to sleep under the stars. Magical moment.

  • Breakfast and dinner is served looking onto the amazing Sahara dunes with not a single noise. Nothing but sand.

  • Activities! It was a boys trip so we got out on motorbikes and quads…and there is even more to do.

  • Not many amenities. But for us, this is the place to put on « airplane mode » so…

The Barometer

  • Design

  • Website

  • Life Changing

  • Environmental Consciousness

  • Overall Value

  • Night's Sleep

  • Service

  • Amenities

  • Stealable Stuff

  • Refer a Friend

Total: 46/50

Important Bits

  • Type

    High-end bivouac.

  • Vibe


  • Location

    In the middle of the Sahara, a few kms to the border of Algeria.

  • Rooms

    10 tents

  • Music

    Traditional music played by the amazing crew at night.

  • Designed By

    One of the founder’s mum called Carme. Enrique, the founders is Spanish and discovered the place, then the family created the camp.

  • Pool/Gym

    Definitely not. You can try a run in the dunes, but…

  • Restaurant

    Yes, breakfast and dinner on site. Great traditional food, which is hard to find in the middle of nowhere.

  • Bar

    Not really, wine, champagne and beers on request. Hard to find in this part of the country.

  • Minibar


  • Children


  • Price


Kam Kam Dunes

Kam Kam Dunes, Errachidia Province, Meknes-Tafilalet, Morocco

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