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Ernesto Roman

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A native from Cartagena-Colombia, Ernesto is a photographer and hotelier based in the Catskills where he’s served as Creative Director for Deer Mountain Inn for the last 4 years. With a decade of experience in hospitality, Ernesto has worked with brands such as Grandlife Hotels, indieFork, and does creative consulting with luxury brand strategy agency Issa PR. His visual focus is to always capture the most honest version of his subjects. Some of his work has been featured by The Impression, Surface, Beaux-Arts, V Magazine, Forbes, Cool Hunting, The Heritage Post, and Monocle. Ernesto is passionate about travel, culture, design, and bringing people together.

My Travel Mantra: I just don’t know how to stay put. I only know that one must always wander!

Trip Wishlist: San Blas Islands, Buenos Aires, Japan, São Paulo, and a road trip through the entire Mediterranean coastline.


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The Lodge at Blue Sky

by Ernesto Roman

“Luxury ranch living in the mountains”

HollywoodLos Angeles

tommie Hollywood

by Ernesto Roman

“Bringing the cool back to Hollywood”

ManhattanNew York City


by Ernesto Roman

“There's a new spotlight on Hell's Kitchen”



by Ernesto Roman

“All the magic of Cartagena in one place”


Gitana Del Mar

by Ernesto Roman

“A hidden paradise in the Colombian tropical jungle”


The Newbury Boston

by Ernesto Roman

“A historical landmark in Boston”

North AdamsMassachusetts


by Ernesto Roman

“A chic motel in the Berkshires”


Blue Apple Beach

by Ernesto Roman

“Another side of Cartagena”


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