Alex Catarinella

Mr. Jordaan

with Alex Catarinella
  • Where:Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Why:A because-I’m-worth-it post-Amsterdam Fashion Week stay.

  • When:Mid July 2017.

  • Who:Me, myself and I.

Highs & Lows


  • I stayed in the adorable/cozy/enchanting/sunkissed attic room. You’d think “attic room” would mean super dark, but the natural light was superb. I turned the AC off and opened the windows, which boasted cute neighborhood views, and where I witnessed an out-of-this-world the sunset.

  • The breakfast was fantastic. SET YOUR ALARM!

  • The service was FANTASTIC. Make sure to chat with the staff at the frontdesk. You’ll wanna be BFF.

  • This is what I’d call a traveler’s dream hotel. This is not a cheesy business hotel replete with a spa and a gym. Mr. Jordaan’s basically two canal townhouses with a renovated and a sleek and hip renovation. Super cozy, charming and comfortable. But Mr. Jordaan’s vibe is all about hitting the town and exploring. Make yourself a coffee, have a lovely breakfast, hit the town, come back and enjoy a great night’s sleep.

  • None for me. But if you’re a (boring) breakfast-in-bed and/or swanky hotel bar kind of traveler, go somewhere else. We don’t want you!

The Barometer

  • Design

  • Website

  • Life Changing

  • Environmental Consciousness

  • Overall Value

  • Night's Sleep

  • Service

  • Amenities

  • Stealable Stuff

  • Refer a Friend

Total: 49/50

Important Bits

  • Type

    17th century building transformed into a home-y and hip boutique hotel located in the heart of adorable, artsy neighborhood, Jordaan. And it’s like, four steps away from an enchanting 17th century, Instagram-friendly canal.

  • Vibe

    It’s sort of like you’re staying in a luxe, impeccably decorated AirBNB townhouse on a very cute street in a very hip neighborhood. Sort of like a quieter West Village but with a gorgeous canal and not many tourists. History lesson: the founder basically invented AirBNB. In the ‘60s, he started renting out rooms to tourists which became a huge hit. Then it became a budget hotel for many years, before it was renovated and opened as the gorgeousness it is now in 2016.

  • Location

    The hotel is located in the heart of Jordaan (where you’ll find coffee shops, quirky boutiques, art galleries, etc everywhere) alongside the Bloemgracht, a 17th century canal.

  • Rooms


  • Music

    I can't remember!

  • Year Opened

    It officially opened as the Mr. Jordaan hotel on April 1st, 2016.

  • Designed By

    Designed by Moodmakers together with the owner’s wife.

  • Pool/Gym

    No. It’s all about biking, as you’ll notice immediately when you step outside.

  • Restaurant

    No, there’s a stylish kitchen by the lobby where a (delicious) continental Dutch breakfast is served daily. It’s a must. Countless restaurants and cafes steps away in this charming neighborhood. Ask the extremely friendly front-desk for suggestions.

  • Bar

    No, but you’re in the cutest neighborhood in Amsterdam. Again, ask the super friendly staff at the front-desk for non-touristy suggestions.

  • Minibar

    No, but free coffee/tea in the room. In the lobby, there’s an espresso machine that makes everything -- also free. And treats (like yummy Tony’s Chocoloney bars) for purchase at the front desk.

  • Wifi

    Yes and free.

  • Children

    I personally don’t love kids, but it seems kid-friendly.

  • Price

    Very reasonable for a boutique hotel considering the awesomeness and uniqueness of the hotel and its neighborhood.

Barely a five minute walk away.

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Mr. Jordaan

Mr Jordaan Hotel, Bloemgracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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