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Mint House is curating a crop of cool brands from across the country to outfit their residential hospitality apartments — and yours


By Lane Nieset on 03.22.22

Design plays a big role in how most people decide on hotels. Perhaps it’s the escapism factor  — most of us aren’t purchasing an 18th-century château anytime soon — or a style we’ve always admired: boho, beach house chic may be hard to capture in an urban apartment. And sometimes, it’s the details that inspire us to reconsider how we style our own spaces. Something as simple as a brand of soap in a hotel bathroom could easily be purchased for yours back home so that, in the same way as wine, it’ll transport you to that vacation where you first sampled it.

Your favorite hotel has most likely already branded their own bedding, accessories, and amenities, or even created their own virtual shops like Restoration Hardware’s Hotel Collections or Soho Home. But for a more immersive experience that allows you to shop while you’re still in the space, Mint House, a hybrid hotel and short-term rental concept, is making the process as simple as scanning a QR code. Each of the brand’s 25 design-savvy properties, located in more than 15 cities from Nashville to New York, act as native retail environments that specifically suit the style of each apartment and locale. 


As part of the Shop Your Stay concept, each property features its own e-commerce site, so guests can shop from their phone using in-room QR codes, and the products will be shipped right to their home — so no lugging around any extra weight while you’re traveling. While “living” in the space, the apartment doubles as a testing ground to experience and discover local makers and artists, or tech-first accessories — which is the next step to Mint House integrating smarter and more adaptable apartment design. Plus, this helps reduce the environmental footprint of shipping, since guests have the chance to try products before buying them and can avoid the issue of waste from items that once purchased, can’t be returned or resold. “We believe that inviting our guests to shop those experiences and interact with those products in a physical space is innovative — especially in the wake of e-commerce and its effect on brick and mortar retail,” says Bianca Koch, Mint House’s Senior Interior Designer. “We want Mint House to be a place where guests can depend on and look forward to discovering new products and brands, and, ideally, be inspired to bring a piece of that stay home with them.” 

The design process to create each Mint House is a collaborative one. It starts with researching the project location and understanding what the demands are for desirable living spaces in that local context, whether it be residential or hospitality development projects. Then, the team hones in on what’s missing from a guest and design experience and works with partner Minoan on furniture and décor that complements the design foundations. Mint House “concepts the look and feel of the spaces to fit current trends, local culture, and, most, importantly, our brand standards,” says Bianca.


An upcoming project in Philadelphia is located in the center of the city’s historic district, so Bianca felt there was “an opportunity to channel that energy in a modern and thoughtful way,” as well as pay tribute to sustainable materials. For the “Maker’s Loft” apartment concept debuting this summer, Mint House worked with the developer to create large-format pieces of reprinted blueprints of the storied building, which will be outfitted with warm woods, black accents, and timeless pieces. 

Jess Berkin, Mint House’s Head of Brand, says that as they’re growing and finding new ways to amplify and build out the brand experience, Mint House is looking to “include more makers, artisans, under-the-radar national brands, and designers into the process and give them a platform to showcase what they do best. We really aim to become an authentic part of the fabric of each city.”

Read more about Mint House here.

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