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Roman and Williams’ Aesthetic Comes To Life at The Guild

The Ace. Boom Boom Room. Zoolander. Those are just a few of the iconic New York institutions that were designed by Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer, the duo behind Roman and Williams. It’s a brand name that has become synonymous with taste for the downtown crowd. With an illustrious design career behind them (with no signs of stopping, they just designed the new Freehand New York), Standefer and Alesch have finally decided to make something that’s solely theirs, and it’s just as exciting for everyone else. With their newest boutique The Guild, New Yorkers can now get a piece of that taste for themselves.

At the entrance of The Guild is La Mercerie, the cafe that’s already become the trendiest spot in Soho. It’s reminiscent of a typical Roman and Williams hospitality offering, with one significant difference: everything is shoppable. Plates, chairs, even the tools in the kitchen are fair game. But most people will be too busy to notice the stunning oven sitting in the kitchen because of Marie-Aude Rose’s (who is married to Le Coucou head chef Daniel Rose) excellent French fare and decadent pastries. Not to mention the cocktails that are served from 3 to 7pm everyday, which might make you feel too at home.

Further past the cafe is where all of the real design treasures lie. There is a large selection of original products designed by Roman and Williams themselves, mixed in with a selection of antiques and one-off pieces the duo have found in throughout their extensive career. Here you can get everything from candles to a new bed, and everything in between. There’s a flower shop by Emily Thompson, a small selection of art books from publisher Phaidon. There’s unique lighting, Japanese pottery, collaborations with La Cuona, Fortuny, and Waterworks. Whether you’re going in for lunch, or to buy a new vase, or just need a place to get inspired by, The Guild delivers. The charming, homey decor separates it from the neighboring Soho shops by creating something inviting. It’s the first time their aesthetic has been on display in such an accessible way, but more importantly, it’s a new Roman and Williams space to hang out in. That’s always a good thing in our book.

The Guild, 53 Howard Street


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