Ben Pundole’s Gift Guide

AHL's Founder and travel and hospitality guru brings us his favorite treats from doing good to raving — which he thinks are pretty much the same thing

A Hotel Life's founder Ben Pundole in front of Hotelito, in Mexico
A Hotel Life's founder Ben Pundole in front of Hotelito, in Mexico

Isn’t apparel, pampering, pets and a party what we all want for the holidays? If you’re in New York, House of X is where you want to be. Access IRL and online therapists, teachers, practitioners and healers with a membership from the Eden Room; all while wearing your tee from CHNGE, benefitting and highlighting mental health awareness. NOAH is my all time favorite brand and the cool kids in Berlin wear the Salomon sneakers for hiking (with a dog adorned with a pooch collar from Pet-a-Porter) and raving.

You can keep up with Ben on Instagram @BenPundole.

1.The Eden Room Membership

A global sanctuary for a rising collective. From breath work to wellness retreats, CBD to grief counseling, find an incredible compendium of world class therapists, practitioners and thought leaders.

2.CHNGE Long Sleeve Shirt

Change is a process. A net zero/sustainable clothing brand advocating for mental wellbeing, social justice, and peace and love for each other and the planet!

3.Love Adorned Rings

Nothing says “I love you and I think you’re cool” like a ring from Love Adorned.

4.A Night Out at House of X (NYC)

Treat yourself and your most glamorous friends to a night out at House of X at the PUBLIC Hotel in NYC.

5.Pet-a-Porter Rug Collar

Either for your pooch or for your night out at House of X!

6.Salomon Madcross Gore-Tex Running Shoes

Went to Berlin, saw the cool kids wearing them, realized they’re great for trail running and for dancing in warehouses to techno.

7.NOAH NY Scarf

NOAH clothing – my favorite clothing brand. A Roxy music inspired polka dot scarf.

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