Solynka Dumas’ Gift Guide

AHL's Food and Drink Editor, and French-Swiss journalist, shares her "buy less, buy better" holiday wish list

Solynka Dumas baking a cake in a state of pure joy, 2018.
Solynka Dumas baking a cake in a state of pure joy, 2018.

For someone who loves the structural routine of Christmas traditions yet lives a life tragically devoid of routine, the holidays are a time of joy and relief. In my family, every 25th of December is identically orchestrated. We go to church in the morning, drive home, sing songs, share a lavish lunch and finally open our gifts. Just as with anyone, I guess, the number of presents exponentially diminished with age but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With age, I’ve adopted the motto “buy less, buy better,” and I made this list specifically with that in mind. Every item here is made with love and care. Happy holidays.


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1.The Complete Clean by Atmo

A sustainable brand with a beautiful design, Atmo has all the essentials to keep your home (and our planet) clean. Just add water to their reusable bottles, drop in the tablet, and make three full-sized cleaners for multi surface, glass + mirror and the bathroom. This set includes three reusable spray bottles made from recycled aluminum and three tablets in home compostable sachets with light, herbal scents.

2.Aline Abegg's Stuck On You Collection

Stuck On You is a sparkling collection inspired by the stick-on earrings of childhood — the ones you’d carefully apply in the mirror before singing into your hairbrush and playing Baby, One More Time, just ‘one more time’. The brand uses only recycled gold and promotes a slow fashion approach.

3.Ceramics by Alma Berrow

Any piece by Alma Berrow — a British artist who creates intricate ceramic sculptures. Her playful sculpture practice playfully subverts the still life genre, depicting things like overflowing ashtrays or elaborate plates of food that act as physical talismans for lost moments of togetherness among friends.

4.Espace Culturel Gacha Creations

Any and all beaded artifacts from the Espace Culturel Gacha. Each piece is hand made by one artisan in Cameroon and the profits go to an NGO that promotes, amongst many other things, the preservation of local craftsmanship.

5.Mickey Bag by Usisi-Sister

The Mickey bag from Usisi sisters (or any item from their line frankly) is certainly on my list. Usisi is a sustainable, forward brand creating timeless pieces that are designed and made in London. The Mickey bag is crafted in black satin and is the perfect evening bag.

6.Recycled Cashmere Beanie

In another uncompromising pursuit of quality, integrity, and originality, the NOAH recycled cashmere beanie is an obvious choice. Made in Canada with recycled cashmere, merino wool and an embroidered logo on the front.

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