Ernesto Roman’s Gift Guide

AHL's East Coast Editor and savvy treasure hunter shares a selection of items that have been on his radar this year

A Hotel Life's East Coast Editor, Ernesto Roman at the Salt Flats, Utah
A Hotel Life's East Coast Editor, Ernesto Roman at the Salt Flats, Utah

A toast to the things that I’ve kept an eye on this past year. Some are practical, some are ethically designed, sustainable, great for your health – and some simply cool and original. In this day and age, we must be smart and conscious about the products we purchase and the footprint we leave behind. Every little bit helps! I ordered the One Clock when it was still a Kickstarter campaign and I love it! I’ve never woken up so gently in my life. Highly recommended.

You can follow Ernesto on Instagram @ernesto.roman and check out his portfolio on ernestoroman.com


(I just got one, it’s amazing)
OneClock is a minimalist analog timepiece with waking music based in science, designed for a disconnected bedroom. Warm, organic minimalism meets a tactile analog experience. No screens, no Bluetooth, no WiFi, no apps, no connectivity. The sounds are designed by Grammy award winners to activate your brain gradually, then wake you gently and reliably.

2.Nothing New Low Top Sneakers

Designer sneakers made with sustainable materials. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and other sustainable materials.

3.Tombolo Company 'Court Lines' Cabana x Hôtel Magique

Tombolo designs his and hers escape wear to transport you to a sunnier time and place. You will be the coolest looking human wearing these.

4.Galerie LA

Sustainable shopping: apparel, accessories, self care, etc
“The concept is simple: fashion with integrity. We thoughtfully curate the finest selection of sustainable fashion from emerging brands worldwide”.

5.Zero Waste Kits

Start reducing your waste today with seven essential items that started Lauren on her own zero waste journey. Each product eliminates the need for the most common single-use plastics.

6.LARQ Self-cleaning Water Tumblers

A self-cleaning water bottle that’ll help you reach your hydration goal. Neutralizes up to 99.9999%* of harmful, odor-causing bacteria using UV-C light.

7.Dandy Del Mar Leisure Wear

Refining the art of leisure. Timeless styles inspired by the past’s most iconic dandies. The Life of Leisure is always in season with Dandy Del Mar resort wear. Lust for Leisure.

8.Sustainable Tomorrow Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

Each year at least a BILLION plastic toothbrushes are thrown away, ending up in our landfills or in our oceans. The Sustainable tomorrow Bamboo Electric Toothbrush uses replaceable heads carved from bamboo. Each head takes around six months to decompose while a plastic one takes hundreds of years to fully break down.


MUD\WTR is a coffee alternative made with organic ingredients lauded by cultures young and old for their health and performance benefits. With 1/7th the caffeine as a cup of coffee, you get focus, energy and immunity without the jitters, crash and dependency.

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