Tansy Kaschak’s Gift Guide

An enthusiast of all things for a fun, healthy and stylish life on a fair, happy and healthy planet, AHL's Editor in Chief shares the beautiful, practical, body and mind nourishing bits she’s the most excited about

Tansy Kaschak at Il Pellicano hotel in Tuscany, Italy
Tansy Kaschak at II Pellicano hotel in Tuscany, Italy

One of the biggest gifts of juggling a life between the wonderful world of A Hotel Life and the rest of the wonderful world out there is that I get to pass along many of the great things I learn and find in my journeys. I am lucky to call a few countries home and to nurture community in a number of different, special places. Amidst a lot of movement, to stay sane, grounded, looking and feeling good, and to tread lightly on the planet, I am always improving my arsenal of tools. I am happy to share some of them here as they also make up for terrific gifts.

You can connect with Tansy on her socials @tansykaschak


1.Onda Wellness Content Mint Cannabis Tincture

Onda Wellness Cannabis tincture is the closest thing to a miracle I ever tried in liquid form. After a month of daily use, my killer menstrual cramps due to endometriosis were gone, overall inflammation in the body was the lowest ever, and the feeling of wellbeing and calmness has been just remarkable. To say I highly recommend it is an understatement, I have one with me at all times and use it for any kind of ache or soreness (much better than Advil!). And, by purchasing this mint-infused collab with Kiss The Ground, you get to support regenerative agriculture as well.


As a fairly purist Vipassana meditator, I wasn’t attracted to meditation apps. Until one night in Pescadero, Rameet Chawla introduced us to Waking Up by Sam Harris and I’ve been hooked since then. Whether you have a beginner, advanced or no practice at all, Waking Up opens the door to a deeper understanding of yourself — and to a new way of being in the world.


Our friends Tenzin Wild and Tao Okamoto new brand is a gift that keeps on giving: they are creating timeless pieces, doing it all the right way, and supporting important initiatives like the Himalaya Cataract Project. This super cool hoodie is great for travel as it adjusts to the environment’s temperature and packs small and light. It comes on the colors of Tibetan prayer flags, all made with 100% organic cotton and insulated with 100% certified recycled down and feather.


Live as Lions creates ethically and sustainably made purposeful cute things — just how we like it. With each Lion purchase you gift one Lion companion to an orphaned child, support lion conservation, and plant a tree! They also offer life coaching for the self-healing and wellness-minded folks out there, along with many other items to help you live wild and free.

5.Atmos Magazine

Atmos is an exploration of climate and culture, a nonprofit biannual magazine and digital platform curated by a global ecosystem of artists, activists, and writers devoted to ecological and social justice, creative storytelling, and re-enchantment with the natural world. The print is so beautiful and a special and unexpected gift — to self and others.


Would you rather… Spray yourself up with toxic repellent or let the bugs eat you alive? Sound like a query Dylan Don would pose. Good news: you can avoid both. This 100% cotton shawl is treated to repel insects without releasing any harmful substances — it is even suitable for babies. And it’s beautiful, versatile and made in Ethiopia by a cooperative of women.


To all my dear sober-curious out there: this non-boozy apéritif is absolutely delish! It is packed with only pure, natural extracts. It tastes like potent plants, heady herbals and sexy Italian times. Mix it with ice, sparkling water, and a rosemary branch that makes you look like you know what you’re doing, and no one can tell you’re not having a proper drink.


This year I spent a few months in Berlin and noticed all the cool girls have this same chic and understated carry-all tote, so I had to try it to believe it. Vee’s are made from recycled bottles and probably the lightest bags on the planet, while being super utilitarian and resistant.


Amidst climate crisis, mass extinctions, political polarization, extreme inequality and challenges that threaten to divide us, model, actress, activist, and my favorite partner in volcano adventures Lily Cole argues that it is up to us to actively choose optimism, collaborate, make changes, and define what is possible. A rousing call to action, Lily’s book leaves us feeling hopeful that we can make a difference.


There’s one thing I always make sure to pack: a good pair of soft, warm socks. It does not matter the season or destination, they can be a best friend to make you feel cozy on a flight, crispy night or early rise meditation. These are my favorites and such a good gift. And what’s even better, Live The Process is an ace on thoughtfully sourcing materials and creating their pieces.


In addition to creating high quality shoes (for men and women), AERA ensures that their environmental impact is not just neutral but actually beneficial to the planet. They do this by supporting water conservation, carbon emission offsetting, and plastic pollution reduction programs. The Steffy is the perfect 45mm low-heeled rock’n’roll boot, artisanally made in Veneto, Italy.

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