Jade Moyano

Artesano Hotel Cafe

with Jade Moyano www.jademoyano.com
  • Where:Playa Maderas, San Juan del Sur

  • Why:Work and play in old stomping grounds.

  • When:January 2018

  • Who:Me and my love.

Highs & Lows

  • Stunning view of the ocean, every sunset was a treat.

  • Size. you really feel at home, as the 6 rooms spread across two buildings. There’s a lot of room to roam and I had the pool to myself most of the time

  • Healthy food and snacks, which are hard to find outside the main cities in Nicaragua.

  • Fast WiFi, I was able to work all week uninterrupted.

  • Private jungle path to the beach, keeps you off the dusty main roads.

  • Some noisy evenings when outsiders come for dinner, if you have a room in the terrace.

The Barometer

  • Design

  • Website

  • Life Changing

  • Environmental Consciousness

  • Overall Value

  • Night's Sleep

  • Service

  • Amenities

  • Takable Treats

  • Refer a Friend

Total: 44/50

Important Bits

  • Type

    Boutique hotel.

  • Vibe

    Corsica vibes in Nicaragua.

  • Location

    25 minutes outside of San Juan del Sur, perched on a cliff between Playa Marsella and Playa Maderas.

  • Rooms

    6 with more coming.

  • Music

    From classic to indie rock, I’d say it’s unpredictable.

  • Year Opened


  • Designed By

    Josh Thomas, owner. Custom made tiles, collected art pieces from Nicaragua and Argentina, locally made furniture… you get it.

  • Pool/Gym

    Two ocean front pools with stunning views.

  • Restaurant

    Yes, great organic dishes made with local produce and the best cappuccino. A rare find in this part of town.

  • Bar

    Simple, good wine selection.

  • Minibar

    No, but drinks available at the cafe.

  • Wifi

    Yes, and it works!

  • Children

    No one under 18 allowed. I love that.

  • Price

    Nica mid-range price.

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