Ben Pundole

Breathe Inn

with Ben Pundole
  • Where:Lanesville

  • Why:A dash out of dodge.

  • When:Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013

  • Who:Me and Chelsea

Highs & Lows

  • Breathe Inn really is the coolest B&B in the Catskills. Great design, tons of space, a pool, sauna, yoga room and most importantly NO tacky chintz!

  • Camella & Marlon are cool, you’ll want to chat to them forever about NY back in the day, as well as everything that’s happening in the Catskills.

  • Marlon is a chef by trade, so the breakfast is out of this world and healthy.

  • Great for kids and adults alike.

  • Silent...yep, totally silent, so silent it’s weird.. the best night's sleep you’ll have in months.

    The Barometer

    • Design

    • Website

    • Life Changing

    • Environmental Consciousness

    • Overall Value

    • Night's Sleep

    • Service

    • Amenities

    • Stealable Stuff

    • Refer a Friend

    Total: 42/45

    Important Bits

    • Type

      Bed & Breakfast

    • Vibe

      A modern breath of fresh B&B air!

    • Location

      5 miles from Phoenicia – 2 and a half hours from New York City.

    • Rooms


    • Music

      The Music that the owners play in the kitchen and living space will teach you a thing or two...everything from the latest electronic and hip hop to Radiohead.

    • Year Opened


    • Designed By

      The owner, Camella Ehlke.

    • Pool/Gym

      A pool, a sauna, and a great yoga room.

    • Restaurant

      No restaurant, but they do serve a fantastic breakfast. And Camella & Marlon will tell you the best places to eat and drink in the area.

    • Bar

      No...see above.

    • Wifi


    • Children

      Bring them, they’ll love it! The owners have two of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet.

    • Price

      Medium/Affordable...can’t put a price on a chintz free B&B.

    This is where you MUST go for dinner...check out the bar with the kooky taxidermy


    Peekamoose Restaurant & Tap Room, New York 28, Big Indian, NY, United States

    This is where you MUST go for dinner...check out the bar with the kooky taxidermy

    Hike up the waterfalls, 20 minutes from the Inn

    Kaaterskill Falls

    Kaaterskill Falls, Hunter, NY, United States

    Hike up the waterfalls, 20 minutes from the Inn

    A post-hike treat

    Town Tinker Tube

    Town Tinker Tube Rental, Bridge Street, Phoenicia, NY, United States

    A post-hike treat

    Breathe Inn

    Breathe Inn, 1739 Route 214, Lanesville, NY

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