Arthur Groeneveld & Bamboo van Kampen

Ett Hem

with Arthur Groeneveld & Bamboo van Kampen
  • Where:Stockholm, Sweden

  • Why:Work & leisure.

  • When:January

  • Who:Bamboo & Arthur

from $---

Highs & Lows

  • Such a personal, relaxed welcome: the reception, lobby and restaurant are nothing like a traditional hotel - it really feels like a house.

  • Everywhere you’ll find book, books, books. And magazines, magazines, magazines. Such an impressive collection!

  • The small but - again - beautiful and private spa in the basement of Ett Hem is perfect for relaxation: the Bamford products make it even better!

    The Barometer

    • Design

    • Website

    • Life Changing

    • Environmental Consciousness

    • Overall Value

    • Night's Sleep

    • Service

    • Amenities

    • Stealable Stuff

    • Refer a Friend

    Total: 50/50

    Important Bits

    • Type

      Private residence turned luxury home away from home.

    • Vibe

      Home away from home for modern traveler.

    • Location

      In a beautiful, peaceful neighbourhood very close to the centre.

    • Rooms


    • Music

      Relaxed classics.

    • Year Opened


    • Designed By

      Studio Ilse

    • Pool/Gym

      Yes, both!

    • Restaurant

      In-house restaurant.

    • Bar


    • Minibar

      A wide range of drinks and snacks.

    • Wifi

      Yes and yes.

    • Children

      You can bring them.

    • Price

      Expensive luxury

    Must Dos

    Must Bring

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