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Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe

  • Where:Baja California, Mexico
  • Why:Peninsula Longboard Competition and Film Festival in Ensenada and a few days to take a working vacay in the luxurious Mexican wine country.
  • When:October 2019
  • Who:My amazing dog, Boy, and me. I met a girlfriend for one day to explore the area.
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Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_Exterior

The luxurious Presidential Suite that Boy and I enjoyed. Photo taken from private garden area.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_Patio

The living area in the suite looks out toward the countryside. I think Boy likes it.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_Outdoor

Choose from one of the many differently designed rooms/villas to fit your character. This charming setup overlooks grapevines and has its own fire pit.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_Pool

Lounging and wine by the pool? Yes, please.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_hacienda

The elegant Hacienda section of the Hotel Boutique.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_live music_jazz

A talented local jazz band played during dinner on Sunday evening.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_restaurant_fuego

Walking to Hotel Boutique’s Fuego dining, I spied the complimentary bikes for touring nearby areas.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_sunset

A tranquil walk to my room after a delicious sunset dinner at Fuego.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_room

An insanely comfortable king-sized bed and fresh roses await.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_jacuzzi

I definitely took advantage of the romantic spa jacuzzi in my bathroom. Party of 1!

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_horse

My friend Michelle came to meet me for the day. We rode horses from the hotel’s equestrian center through the vineyard next door.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_horseback riding

Highlight of my trip - galloping through the vineyards on horseback with dogs following.

After horseback, Michelle took a photo of me taking photos in the nearby winery we visited for dinner.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_winery

The grapevines glowed golden as we walked through the vineyard to dinner at Deckman’s.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_deckmans

Deckman’s spread - fresh oysters and wine from the winery.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_dog

The staff even gave Boy a bone to eat!

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_deckmans

Freshly caught fish from the nearby ocean crafted into a delicious entree at Deckman’s.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe_A Hotel Life_surf

Merely a 30-minute drive to beaches and surf from Hotel Boutique.

Highs & Lows

  • I could unplug and completely relax in the ambiance and seclusion of where the hotel is located, down a dirt road, nestled between vineyards and mountains.

  • Their restaurant, Fuego, is wonderful for every meal and it isn’t too pricey. The included breakfast surpasses any hotel breakfast bar I’ve ever enjoyed with a multitude of deliciously, fresh sliced fruits, fresh squeezed fruit juice, granola, and yogurt. Try any entree with their chipotle sauce.

  • You’re in wine country! The location is ideal to venture out daily to eat and drink at stunning and unique wineries. Mexico has a more laid back, less pretentious and less crowded vibe than Napa with a congregation of Mexican culture in wine country. The hotel offers wine tours with a designated driver by Tuk Tuk or van.

  • I love that their vegetables and meat are farm to table from local farmers and their own garden. Enjoy your sustainably sourced, seasonally prepared meal while listening to live music at their restaurant Saturday and Sunday beginning late in the afternoon.

  • Excited to see the hotel transition from tiny, single-use plastic shampoo/conditioner/lotion bottles to refillable containers that are part of the shower experience.

  • There is purified drinking water provided in each room and it’s refilled daily. Because the water in Mexico is not safe for travelers to drink and stores to buy water are not in walking distance, I think if a larger quantity of purified drinking water is provided it would offer a more comfortable experience!

The Barometer

  • Design

  • Website

  • Plastic Free

  • Night's Sleep

  • Service

  • Amenities

  • Takeable Treats

  • Refer a Friend

  • Overall Value

  • Life Changing

Total: 45/50

Important Bits

  • Type

    Getaway to wine country.

  • Vibe

    Rustic meets modern luxury.

  • Location

    Baja Mexico’s thriving wine country, nestled in the mountains. It’s south of the U.S. border, an hour and a half drive from the ocean and coastal town of Ensenada.

  • Rooms

    40, all with various designs - you can choose.

  • Music

    Instrumental jazz, instrumental versions of classic hits. Live music at the restaurant every Saturday and Sunday.

  • Year Opened


  • Designed By

    Roberto and Michelle Lyle (father and daughter).

  • Pool/Gym

    Two pools! There is a yoga studio that is under construction.

  • Restaurant

    Fuego—and it’s fire. Local, fresh, seasonal produce, mostly from their garden!

  • Bar

    Yes, one by the pool and on in the restaurant!

  • Minibar

    Two beer choices, soda, and sparkling water.

  • Pet Friendly


  • Children

    Yes. You can bring the kids, plenty of space for them to run around and swim. They have a cool handcrafted playground and horses to pet. It’s a quiet, romantic place with lots of wine so you make the call.

  • Price

    Pretty affordable, from $115 a night.

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