Reviews by Tansy Kaschak

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The Venice Venice Hotel

by Tansy Kaschak

“A dream stay and a lesson in creativity and hospitality”


Tent Hotel

by Tansy Kaschak

“An ephemeral rave hotel in the Polish forest”


Valverde Hotel

by Tansy Kaschak

“As elegant as it is homely with impeccable comfort, service and in the best location”

QueensNew York City

TWA Hotel

by Tansy Kaschak

“Catch me if you can!”


Hotel Les Deux Gares

by Tansy Kaschak

“Eye candy but make it classy, comfortable, and unexpected”


White City House

by Tansy Kaschak

“A miniverse for the coolest and healthiest version of thyself”

Lake ComoItaly

Il Sereno

by Tansy Kaschak

“A fresh, contemporary character in one of world's most iconic destinations”

TannersvilleNew York

Deer Mountain Inn

by Tansy Kaschak

“The Catskill's hideout you don't want to miss”


Hotel Arlberg

by Tansy Kaschak

“Extra cozy family style in the heart of an epic mountain destination”

ManhattanNew York City

ModernHaus SoHo

by Tansy Kaschak

“Like a grown-up art collector decided to open her house for the cool kids to play”

El PescaderoBaja California Sur

El Perdido

by Tansy Kaschak

“Your fancy desert camp between a cactus and a whale”

La PazBaja California Sur

Baja Club

by Tansy Kaschak

“Urban sophistication meets seaside relaxation.”

Washington D.C.United States

Eaton DC

by Tansy Kaschak

“The sweet spot between progressive wellness, exquisite hospitality & bold activism.”


Hotel Vilòn

by Tansy Kaschak

“Your own secret address in Rome.”


Nomaa Hotel

by Tansy Kaschak

“International refinement from local creatives.”

ManhattanNew York City

The Pierre

by Tansy Kaschak

“Old school luxury meets Sex & The City fairytale.”


Casa Pueblo Tulum

by Tansy Kaschak

“Stay, meet, inspire and create”


Pink Hotel

by Tansy Kaschak

“A portal to another dimension.”


The Bodrum EDITION

by Tansy Kaschak

“Sophisticated yet relaxed seaside leisure.”