Voyage In The Footsteps Of Anthony Bourdain

Two fans map out all the spots visited by the late chef across his TV shows

Anothony Bourdain’s world map by Deannd and Peter Keating
Anothony Bourdain’s world map by Deannd and Peter Keating

By AHL Editorial Team, edited by Amulya Hiremath on 11.04.22

You can now follow in the footsteps of the beloved celebrity chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain, thanks to the late chef’s fans, Deannd and Peter Keating, and the internet. From train station chai points to unknown outposts in the jungle, Deannd has spent two years putting a pin on every location Antony has visited, curating the map from shows No Reservations and Parts Unknown. 

Anthony was known for speaking his mind, rising to fame from his New Yorker article highlighting the rife abuse, inhumane working conditions, and long hours of chefs across kitchens in New York and beyond. In his television career, he continued to be a crusader for food justice, featuring obscure cuisines and unknown restaurants while telling stories of the people he encountered.

Now four years after his death, eat noodles in the same Hanoi spot Anthony and President Barack Obama once did, savor turtle eggs at Colombian markets, or sample handmade spring rolls in Cambodia. Check out the Anthony Bourdain world map.


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