Mignonne Gavigan

Amanyara Turks and Caicos

Port of Call Grace Bay

by: Mignonne Gavigan

  • Why

    To get some much needed R & R with the husband.

  • When

    December 2014

  • Who

    My husband, Gray, and I.

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Highs + Lows

  • Incredibly relaxing in every way possible.

  • The location and temperature is gorgeous year round.

  • The staff is incredibly kind and are there if you need anything.

  • I don’t have anything to improve – just can’t wait to go back!

    : 47/50
    • Design

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    • Life Changing

    • Environmental Consciousness

    • Overall Value

    • Night's Sleep

    • Service

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    Important Bits

    • Type

      Luxury spa hotel.

    • Vibe

      Contemporary layout and design, serene, peaceful.

    • Location

      On the opposite side of the island from everything else. Calm.

    • Rooms

      40 pavilions

    • Music

      Local and relaxing.

    • Year Opened


    • Designed By

      The Aman Resorts team.

    • Pool/Gym

      Yes, incredible spa and fitness classes.

    • Restaurant

      Fine dining restaurant and beach bar restaurant.

    • Bar

      Yes, with an incredible architectural ceiling.

    • Minibar

      Free mini bar – seriously. Chocolate covered graham crackers, coconut water, Nespresso, sparkling water, Coke, Diet Coke, local beers, almonds, cashews.

    • Wifi


    • Children


    • Price

      Expensive luxury.

    In the Area


    Amanyara Turks and Caicos

    Northwest Point, Providenciales TKCA 1ZZ

    Must Haves

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