Claire Distenfeld

Le Roch

with Claire Distenfeld
  • Where:Paris, France

  • Why:Work - Paris Fashion Week 2017

  • When:March 2017

  • Who:Just me

Highs & Lows

  • Hammam in the room.

  • Sheets on the bed.

  • Could have a better mini bar assortment.

  • Could have better maid service.

The Barometer

  • Design

  • Website

  • Life Changing

  • Environmental Consciousness

  • Overall Value

  • Night's Sleep

  • Service

  • Amenities

  • Stealable Stuff

  • Refer a Friend

Total: 40/50

Important Bits

  • Type

    Boutique hotel

  • Vibe

    Very 'of the moment' in its clean and elegant design. Saturated velvets, brass details, geometric lines.

  • Location

    1st arrondissement of Paris.

  • Rooms

    32 rooms and 5 suites

  • Music

    Eclectic mix of tropical house and oldies.

  • Year Opened


  • Designed By

    Interior design by Parisian, Sarah Lavoine.

  • Pool/Gym

    Yes and yes

  • Restaurant


  • Bar

    Not really, but a lobby lounge where people would drink.

  • Minibar

    Unbelievable raw organic chocolate bar and great variety of healthy nuts (that aren't peanuts or heavily salted like most mini bars!).

  • Wifi


  • Children

    Leave them.

  • Price

    Elevated boutique.

The classic bistro.

Chez George

1 Rue du Mail, 75002 Paris, Francia

The classic bistro.

For authentic Japanese.


14 Rue Molière, París, Francia

For authentic Japanese.

Do not miss, when in Paris.


32 Rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 Paris, Francia

Do not miss, when in Paris.

Le Roch

28 Rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris, Francia

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