Gemma Bell

The Connaught

with Gemma Bell
  • Where:London

  • Why:Our wedding anniversary.

  • When:January

  • Who:Me and my favourite person.

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Highs & Lows

  • From the moment we approached The Connaught to the moment we left, we were treated as the hotel’s only special guests. Of course every guest experiences this, but when it’s you, you feel like the only one! What made this hotel stand out from other hotels was the staff’s down-to-earth nature and utter willingness to help out with absolutely anything. The Connaught is a luxury hotel and Ben and I arrived in our jeans and trainers (fresh Nike kicks natch!), and we couldn’t believe everyone’s welcome and generosity, completely unpretentious or snobby, just authentic and real.

  • A hotel that has everything - perfect cocktails, exceptional chef, Aman spa, pool and gym, beautiful and comfortable rooms and suites. We stayed in the Connaught Suite designed by Guy Oliver and it was huge; it’s large leaded windows overlooking stunning Carlos Place.

  • Although quite a large hotel, there was something about its dark wood interiors, open fireplace and grand staircase that make it comforting and charming.

    The Barometer

    • Design

    • Website

    • Life Changing

    • Environmental Consciousness

    • Overall Value

    • Night's Sleep

    • Service

    • Amenities

    • Takable Treats

    • Refer a Friend

    Total: 49/50

    Important Bits

    • Type

      Classic luxury. A hotel as it should be, utterly charming with exceptional service.

    • Vibe

      I’m not sure you can say that The Connaught has a ‘vibe’…it’s beyond a vibe!

    • Location

      The center of ‘Mayfair Village,’ on the corner of super the fashionable and gorgeous Mount Street.

    • Rooms

      121 rooms, including 34 suites.

    • Music


    • Year Opened

      The original hotel dates back to 1815, but it was 1917 that it was named The Connaught. The hotel’s history is fascinating and well worth a read.

    • Designed By

      In 2007 The Connaught underwent a major restoration project and refurbishment by designers David Collins and Guy Oliver.

    • Pool/Gym

      There’s an Aman Spa underneath the hotel, the only one in the UK; there’s also a pool and fitness room; all utterly stylish, of course.

    • Restaurant

      The two-Michelin-starred restaurant - Helene Darroze at The Connaught - is one of London’s finest restaurants and is a sensational dining experience from beginning to end. You’re presented with what looks like a wooden games’ board with white balls sitting in indentations. It is in fact the menu, each ball has an ingredient and you choose the ingredients you like. Or if you’re rubbish at deciding, as Ben and I are, then you simply say ‘yes, I’ll have everything please’!

    • Bar

      Ah, The Connaught Bar, a place of dreams! Having a table in the bar is a special treat. I’ve been a few times and each time you are treated as if you’re the most important person in there (of course, everyone is treated like this!). Designed by David Collins, the bar is subtly art deco inspired, luxurious without being ostentatious. Cocktails are refined and perfectly made by the master, Agostino Perrone and his team.

    • Minibar

      Hardly a mini bar, more of a grand bar. An ornate gold gilded and black lacquer drinks cabinet.

    • Wifi

      Yes, there’s WiFi.

    • Children

      I think not, it’s a special treat for you and your loved one.

    • Price

      Expensive luxury, but well worth it.

    Absolutely essential. And if you can, dinner at Helene Darroze is a real treat.

    A cocktail in The Connaught Bar

    10 Shepherd Market, London

    Absolutely essential. And if you can, dinner at Helene Darroze is a real treat.

    Stroll down to London’s hottest new restaurant Kitty Fisher’s in Shepherd’s Market with Welsh head chef Tomos Parry.

    Discover Mayfair’s many stunning mews

    117 Mount St, Mayfair, London

    Stroll down to London’s hottest new restaurant Kitty Fisher’s in Shepherd’s Market with Welsh head chef Tomos Parry.

    The Connaught

    Carlos Place Mayfair, London

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