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Our contributors have such great taste, we wanted to let them inspire and embolden you with their wish lists from incredible brands creating incredible things. Let them be your holiday shopping guide, your living room makeover inspo, or a gentle nudge to splurge on yourself a little.

We may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase some of these gems, but this has not influenced the creation of our shopping guides. At the very core of A Hotel Life’s mission is the deep desire to celebrate people, brands and of course, hotels, we believe in

The Best Nightclubs, Salons, Shops, Markets, Galleries And Museums in Mexico City

Where to dance, what to see and special destinations to find local art, crafts, architecture and design

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Solynka Dumas’ Gift Guide

AHL's Food and Drink Editor shares her "buy less, buy better" holiday wish list

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Ernesto Roman’s Gift Guide

AHL's East Coast Editor and savvy treasure hunter shares a selection of items that have been on his radar this year

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Caroline Lever’s Gift Guide

Lover of all things travel and culture, AHL's Culture Editor and Director of Culture and Entertainment at The London EDITION, shares her list of treasures made with love

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Tansy Kaschak’s Gift Guide

An enthusiast of all things for a fun, healthy and stylish life on a fair, happy and healthy planet, AHL's Editor in Chief shares the beautiful, practical, body and mind nourishing bits she’s the most excited about

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Caroline Clements’ Gift Guide

AHL's Australia Editor shares her list inspired by a few key things: the new taste of freedom after coming out of months of lockdown, the smell of summer in the air down under, and the feeling of supporting local makers and producers

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Prerna Saraff’s Gift Guide

What's better than learning how to create that home-away-from-home feeling (while being gentle on pachamama) from one of the world's greatest crafts, textile, and gatherings expert?

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Ben Pundole’s Gift Guide

AHL's Founder and travel and hospitality guru brings us his favorite treats from doing good to raving — which he thinks are pretty much the same thing

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Lily Kwong’s Gift Guide

Landscape artist whose mission is to reconnect people to nature, Lily shares a list inspired by things that draw from the power of the plant world

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