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Brooklyn Rave up at Knockdown Center by Misha Jenkins

Rave up at Knockdown Center by Misha Jenkins

Brooklyn Jacob Riis Park by Ruvan

Jacob Riis Park by Ruvan

Written by Sharon Weissburg, edited by Tansy Kaschak on 4.28.22

Brooklyn is great. It’s vast. It’s diverse. It’s progressive. Most importantly, it’s what you make of it. While the island across the river feels endlessly busy and buzzing, Brooklyn offers a wildly varied environment that allows visitors and locals alike to choose the intensity and tone of our experience, from quiet mornings sipping coffee and lounging in lush parks to wild nights out in some of the world’s most fascinating spaces. Brooklyn is about its people, and we’ve gathered some of the best to share their secrets in our Brooklyn destination guide.

Just across the East River from Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn fans out in a vast expanse of 77 neighborhoods home to 2.6 million people, each with its unique character and culture. And did you know: if Brooklyn were an independent city, it would be the 4th most populated in the country?

Purple haze over Brooklyn by Tigre Escobar
Purple haze over Brooklyn by Tigre Escobar

When to Visit 

Brooklyn abounds in things to do and see all year round, but there are a few seasonal touchpoints that we’re always waiting for: the New York marathon in early November, the blooming of the cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in April and May, springtime in Carroll Gardens, Halloween parties in Bushwick, and summertime beach outings in the Rockaways are just the tip of the iceberg. In Brooklyn, everything is possible.

Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg
Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg

Where to Stay

Whether you’re planning a Brooklyn vacation, considering a staycation, or looking for the best hotel in Brooklyn for your favorites coming to town, we’ve rounded up our top hotels in the borough.

Click here for our Brooklyn Hotel Guide

Mostly in Williamsburg or Downtown, they are directly connected to most neighborhoods of Brooklyn. We love a good bus, train, bike ride, or, even better, our own two feet to take us on our adventures.

What to Do, Eat, and See

There’s no shortage of attractions in Brooklyn — in fact, the options can make our heads spin. So we’ve asked a handful of savvy Brooklyn residents for their personal favorites in their neighborhoods.

Bushwick by Kae Burke

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of House of Yes, Bushwick. “The best time of year to visit Brooklyn is… Autumn. Specifically, Halloween.”

Cobble Hill by The Calderones

Athena, Victor & Jivan Calderone share their love story with Brooklyn and their favorite spots in and around their neighborhood. “Brooklyn offered light-filled space and promises to a young couple and growing family. It was risky and perfect and established so much of who we are today!”

Downtown Brooklyn by Julia Chiang

The artist shares her favorite things to do, sea, and eat in Downtown Brooklyn and Boerum Hill. “There’s so much energy and diversity. Young first-timers that just moved here mixed with people that have been here for generations.”

Williamsburg with Dao-Yi & Canis Chow

Dao-Yi, Fashion Designer; Canis Chow Interior Designer. “We’re right by the water and the bridge. If sh*t goes down we got multiple ways out…”

Carroll Gardens with Julia Chaplin

Journalist and author. “I like to dream about tributaries and oceans and rivers and the way in which the world has always been connected.”

Clinton Hill with Michelle Tillou

Director of Tillou Fine Art. The gallerist, dealer & junction maker shares her story in Brookklyn and the best spots for yummy food, date nights and, of course, art. “The people… the neighbors… the cultural diversity… the streets… the trees… the architecture… the restaurants… the parks!”

Bed-Stuy with Nico Jacobsen

Musician-Writer-Designer shares his favorite stories and spots. “The best thing about my area is Herbert Von King Park. I like to drink wine there all day long and listen to music on a lil speaker. I like how it’s a 45-minute walk in any direction to get a good bottle of wine.”

Bushwick with Madame Vivien V

Drag Icon of New York City on wild stories and all the reasons she loves it here. “Craigslist led me to 18 different rooms all over the city, but a loft in Bushwick with walls made out of palettes and vintage dresses took my heart.”

Fort Greene with Estelle & Brendon Babenzien

The celebrated designers share why they love and celebrate Brooklyn plus their favorite spots in and around their home in Fort Greene. “Brooklyn is the most fun, diverse and dynamic part of the USA. You have everything here. It’s a neighborhood that feels eclectic and special — the styles, the community. The perfect imperfection. Innovation starts in Brooklyn.”

Williamsburg with Hans Neumann & Bridget Fleming

South Williamsburg based photographer duo shares all the foodie reasons to love their neighborhood.

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