Claus Sendlinger

Founder of Design Hotels

Dawn Goldworm & Samantha Goldworm

COMPANY, 12.29

Adrien Gloaguen

Owner of Paris's Hotel Panache

Tara Bernerd

Interior Designer & Founder of Tara Bernerd & Partners

Frank Roberts

Director of Culture & Entertainment for New York EDITION

Michael Tavani

Cofounder of PR firm M18

Alex Eagle

Creative Director The Store x Soho House Berlin

Lincoln Pilcher

Creative Director & Restaurateur

Ruti Broudo

Co-Founder of Israeli Restaurant & Hospitality Group R2M

Kelvin Ho

Founder, Akin Creative

John McDonald

CEO of Mercer Street Hospitality

Tony Pike

Ibiza Legend and Owner of Pikes Hotel

Andrea Franchini

Director of Events and Brand Development, Hotel Americano

Chip Conley

Head of Hospitality for Airbnb

Tracy Lowy

Founder of Living Rooms, The Hotel Alternative

Tommy Hilfiger

Fashion Designer & Hotelier

Jason Pomeranc

Hotelier & Lifestyle Curator for Sixty Hotels

Matt Dickinson

Founding Partner, Maderas Village

Glennon Travis

Owner of Scribner's Catskill Lodge

Roman And Williams