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A Hotel Life insiders review the coolest, future-forward, and sustainable hotels in San Francisco, with a keen interest in hotels that champion plastic-free initiatives and zero-waste policies.

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Palihotel San Francisco

by Matthew Placek

“Combines tasteful, cozy, contemporary, yet classic design”

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San Francisco Proper

by Yasha Wallin

“Hands down the best rooftop views in SF”

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Hotel Kabuki

by Shane Fonner

“Freshly retrofitted Japan-town musicians’ favorite”

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San Francisco Proper

by Gautam Balasundar

“Modern, creative, and stylish in the heart of the city”

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The Parsonage

by Alex Tieghi-Walker

“Romantic Victorian decadence.”

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Cavallo Point

by Amy Risley

“Military Base turned luxury lodge at the foot of the Golden Gate”