Caroline Clements

New York: Viceroy New York

by: Caroline Clements    |   

  • Why:

    A visit uptown.

  • When:

    May 2014

  • Who:

    Me (+ some friends to visit).

Important Bits

  • Type:

    Luxury boutique hotel.

  • Rooms:


  • Pool/Gym:

    Yes, a small downstairs gym and an indoor relaxation pool.

  • Restaurant:

    Downstairs on street level is a large all-day eatery called Kingside, serving breakfast through to dinner with a bar. They also do the room service from here.

  • Bar:

    You can drink downstairs at the bar at Kingside or at The Roof, the rooftop bar on the 29th floor overlooking Central Park. There is also bar food available on the roof.

  • Year Opened:


  • Wifi:

    Yes, it’s free.

  • Minibar:

    The in-room bar offering is very impressive here, but as far as snacks go…it’s pretty standard with chips, sweets and nut bars.

  • Vibe:

    Elegant uptown luxury.

  • Music:

    A mixed bag of popular contemporary tunes.

  • Children:

    Children welcome.

  • Location:

    Centrally located in midtown, just below Central Park and close to galleries like MoMA, The Met and The Guggenheim. A bit of a deadzone for great restaurants and a real NY vibe, but close to a train station to get around.

  • Designed By:

    Roman and Williams

  • Price:

    Pricey high-end luxury.


  • Design

  • Website

  • Mini Bar

  • Life Changing

  • Environmental Consciousness

  • Overall Value

  • Night's Sleep

  • Service

  • Amenities

  • Stealable Stuff

  • Refer a Friend

  • : 47/50

Highs + Lows

  • The Roof bar.

  • The marble bathroom in the penthouse.

  • The ground floor library in the foyer.

  • The banana split at Kingside.

  • The hallways don’t feel quite right here...

Must Dos

Must Haves

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