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Caroline Clements

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Caroline Clements is the editor of a digital publication from Australia with expertise in content curation and production, brand publishing, sponsored content and project management. She currently lives in Melbourne and works as the Publications Director at the Australian digital publication Broadsheet, where she gets to eat and travel regularly working on projects like cookbooks and pop up restaurants.

Travel Mantra: Travel often, even if it’s just for the weekend – changing your environment will keep you refreshed. Always have a trip planned on the horizon. Pack light so you can move efficiently through cities or over rougher terrain. Always travel with something warm, a hat, suncream, swimwear, some good shoes and something to read. Buy a sim card in a new country, you’ll never regret using maps to get around a foreign city. Do some research before you travel, and make plans but be ready to change them if other things come up. Talk to the people who live in the place you’re visiting, local knowledge is the most valuable. The more you travel, the better you get at it.

Trip Wishlist: Hawaii, Africa, The Middle East, the Caribbean, and Greece


Latest Hotel Reviews  |  Hotels by Location


Aplite House

by Caroline Clements

“Isolated eco luxury in Tasmania”

JugiongNew South Wales

The Sir George

by Caroline Clements

“The perfect road trip pit stop”


The Argyle Inn

by Caroline Clements

“Cosy, country kitsch at this charming Aussie pub.”

East Nusa TenggaraIndonesia


by Caroline Clements

“Completely sustainable & blissfully off the grid.”


The Temple Lodge

by Caroline Clements

“Enchanting tropical surf and yoga paradise.”

Pretty Beach House

by Caroline Clements

“A real escape. A place to unwind.”



by Caroline Clements

“Industrial chic, meets modern maritime.”


Sal Salis

by Caroline Clements

“Where the outback meets the reef.”

ColomboSri Lanka

The Wallawwa

by Caroline Clements

“Classic colonial luxury.”

DambullaSri Lanka

Heritance Kandalama

by Caroline Clements

“Be careful of the monkeys.”

TalallaSri Lanka

Talalla Retreat

by Caroline Clements

“Nothing but the birds singing and monkeys fighting in the trees.”

Santa FeNew Mexico

The Inn of Five Graces

by Caroline Clements

“Exotic boutique bed and breakfast.”


QT Melbourne

by Caroline Clements

“Sassy, fun, inner-city cool.”


QT Bondi

by Caroline Clements

“Cool, calm and eclectic.”

Satellite IslandAustralia

Satellite Island

by Caroline Clements

“Open up the garage door, sleep right on the water.”


Brae Guest Suites

by Caroline Clements

“Luxury suites attached to one of Australia’s best regional restaurants.”


The Old Clare

by Caroline Clements

“Refined industrial cool.”


The Alex Hotel

by Caroline Clements

“A hotel for inquisitive travelers.”