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A Hotel Life Insiders review the Coolest Hotels in Africa with a special regard for sustainability and eco-friendly iniciatives.


Nour el Nil

by Jude Vargas

“An epic sailing trip down the Nile!”


La Pause

by Jade Moyano

“Bedouin heaven on earth”

Cape TownSouth Africa

Gorgeous George

by Hamzeh Alfarahneh

“The coolest kid in Cape Town”

Cape TownSouth Africa

The Silo

by Polina Sova

“Marie Antoinette went to Cape Town”

FranschhoekSouth Africa

Sterrekopje Farm

by Hamzeh Alfarahneh

“A biodiverse sanctuary farm guided by ancestral wisdom”


El Fenn

by Lily Cole

“An ode to color and design in the heart of Marrakech”


Habitas Namibia

by Litha Maqungo

“A future-forward Namibian desert opulence experience”

Greater Kruger National ParkSouth Africa

Royal Malewane

by Carolina Ramirez Herrera

“A harmonious blend of five star safari luxury and nature in all its glory”

Masai MaraKenya

Mara Plains Camp

by Arthur Groeneveld & Bamboo van Kampen

“Safari Camp reminiscent of the 1985 movie "Out of Africa"”



by Carolina Ramirez Herrera

“Warm minimalism done so sustainably right”


The Capaldi Hotel

by Shane Fonner

“Leisurely indulgence in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.”

Suswa Mara TriangleKenya

Angama Mara

by Ali Swisher

“An out of body, out of Africa experience.”


La Sultana Marrakech

by Shane Fonner

“If I were a famous person, I’d stay here.”