The Shinmonzen The Shinmonzen


Moral Turgeman and Braulio Sotomayor checks in to

The Shinmonzen

“This nine-room Ando-designed hotel is as close as it gets to perfection”

The Drawing House The Drawing House


Julia Haney Montanez checks in to

The Drawing House

“An artsy and vibrant playground for the city's creatives”

Pillows Maurits at the Park Pillows Maurits at the Park


Hamzeh Alfarahneh checks in to

Pillows Maurits at the Park

“The Dame of Amsterdam”

Dhensa Dhensa


Amulya Hiremath checks in to


“A zen hideaway in the world's happiest kingdom”

The Venice Venice Hotel The Venice Venice Hotel


Tansy Kaschak checks in to

The Venice Venice Hotel

“A dream stay and a lesson in creativity and hospitality”

The Ned Nomad The Ned Nomad

ManhattanNew York City

Ernesto Roman checks in to

The Ned Nomad

“A sophisticated beaux-arts restoration in the heart of Manhattan”


Fort Kochi

An art-laden ancient town in India's Kerala, see our round-up of when to visit, where to stay, and what to see and do in this history-rich island, whether you are in town for the biennale or beyond

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The Best New Sustainable Hotels Opening in 2023

From sumptuous beachfront resorts to serene mountain lodges and revolutionary campsites, we rounded up 12 future-forward properties to suit every budget

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The Best Hotels And Guest Houses in Baja California Sur

The Mexican state is having a hospitality moment and we rounded up the best hotels and guest houses for every trip budget

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The Coolest Budget-Friendly Hotels in Europe

Want to see it all without breaking the bank? From Lisbon to London, here are some of the best stylish and affordable hotels around Europe

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Helping Hands for Morocco

How to support from afar those making a difference on the ground

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Sunken Harbor Club Opens Its Vacation Station in Bermuda

Reimagined as a part of Cambridge Beaches’ centennial renewal, the Brooklyn favorite brings its signature cocktails to a side of island fare

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Soon You Can Stay In A Hotel Designed By Karl Lagerfeld

A five-star hideaway with the late designer's signature style set to open in Macau, China

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Gold Diggers, Wilderness and The Ute People: The History of Vail Valley in a Ritz-Carlton Redesign

Mexican designer Simon Hamui celebrates the history and wilderness of Vail Valley in the Ritz-Carlton redesign

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Helping Hands for Morocco

How to support from afar those making a difference on the ground

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Journey To The Edge Of Space In The World’s Smallest Experience-Led Hotel

Think sunrise beyond the horizon, witnessing Earth's spherical curve, and cruising with the stars, along with world-class hospitality and Michelin-star dining

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Studio.H Launch 100+ Flavours Report

A comprehensive, accurate archiving of South African food knowledge aimed to stimulate debate and whet appetites

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Nine Women Reshaping Travel & Creative Hospitality

How these female leaders are evolving the industry and paving the way for more women to break the mold

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Hotel Reviews



by Amulya Hiremath

“A zen hideaway in the world's happiest kingdom”

HudsonNew York

The Maker

by Ernesto Roman

“Hudson meets nineteenth-century Industrial Design, La Belle Époque, Art Deco and sensuality”


7 Islas

by Li Saumet

“The most charming oasis in the middle of Madrid”


The Aoyama Grand Hotel

by Estelle Bailey-Babenzien

“A modern, cozy gem in the middle of Tokyo's shopping district”


Massarelos House

by Jewels Smith

“This factory-turned-hotel is steps away from the Douro River”